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15 July 1999
Daddy & Maddy; Doody's Museum; Judy Who?

5 July 1999
Nurse Nick Lashes Out; Gina St. Sammons-Gage-Angelo;
Tag Me Baby!

4 April 1999
Martini's Back; Jerry's Live-In Maid; Secret Sled;
Muckadee Love Boat

24 December 1998
The Goose is Cooked; Roses and Lemon Oil; Merry Gambling;
Guerini Girls on Thin Ice

13 December 1998
Secret Club 2000; RJ's Girl; Carrying on a Tradition; Spunce Out!

29 November 1998
Material Girls; Severino Construction; Mike DeMaio;
Spunce Pregnant

17 November 1998
Wanted; No Joke at Lanes; Jay Vegas;

October 1998
Brad's Era; Saturday Down Under; Bare with Me; Young Sauce

15 June 1998
Anniversary Party; 4th Picnic; Picnic Food; Landscape Lights;
Drunk Drivers; Time on Our Hands

1 June 1998
PAT's $10,000 Addition; [misc. scoop]

April - May 1998
Millionaire Mechanic; [misc. scoop]

Classic Scoop
Ange vs Sammy; Tommy Saint vs Gary; Relaxed Dave vs Alan;
Alan vs Richard