16 August 2005
Photo taken outside Columbus Junior High School
Top: Ralph Penna, Francis Dramis, John De Church, John Di Giacomo, Mr. Patrick, William Lamb, Joe Mazzocci
Center: Frank Guerine (Guerini)
Bottom: Albert Guerini, Louie Penna, Tony Tulino, Ange Candela, Fred Guerini, Lou Monda
the news
City in peril, dagos push for secession in E.A. district
Dancing AL eyes Franny's house, Jose cuts valet deal with Amy
Dum-Dum lollipops return to People's Savings, Gina eats all the strawberry
City declares Louie's Lincoln a landmark, gives it historical plates
Big Steve hands over Hut, Stevie to bring it in on lowboy
Bandits yank Angie's marigolds and replace them with dandelions
Gary to run for city manager, pledges country music for all citizens
Mark teaches school, Tommy Savarise's reaction: "Teachin' school? I didn't even know Pucci could read."
Mailbox by Cellitti's back by popular demand
Boongey stars in new movie, awarded Key to East Ashtabula
Muzzy's front porch swing placed on exhibit in E.A. Museum

59. Michael "My-Geen" Deluia (1923 - 1998): A railroader, Union Carbide worker, and brother of Fiore "Pierre" Deluia of Nanny Goat Hill. Recognized locally for his work in the fried pizza stand at the Mt. Carmel Bazaar. Lived near Lake Shore Park off East 1st Street. Known for the characteristic rasp in his voice.

28. Albert "Skunk" Cincerelli (1907 - 1997): Uncle of Roland "Smokey" Cinciarelli. Worked down the Union Docks with Shoo-dee Severino. Revered for his clairvoyance and uncanny ability to count playing cards, which made him famous in local circles.

220. Anthony "Crockery" Vetrano (1915 - 1991): Brother of Joe, Matty, and Louie "Lala" Vetrano and cousin of Florence Vetrano-St. Angelo of Harbor Avenue. Worked at the Conrail Coal Dock as a shiploader operator. Enjoyed almost all games of chance, especially Barbut. Frequently attended dice games at the Knights of Columbus.

205. Louis "Lutzie" Stofko (1???- 197?): Father of Mary and Elizabeth Ann Stofco. Loved to fish and look for mushrooms which he gave to his wife to cook. Won a Turkish lottery in 1964, but was unable to claim the money. Lived on West 6th Street.

points of interest
Anna Guerini's Cooking Class - Cook pizza with master of marinara Anna Guerini as she unveils the recipe for her secret sauce. Day and night classes are available where students learn everything from fig cookies to Anna's trademark "Western" sandwich. Course orientation starts at 4pm, September 1st by the spit in Anna's backyard. All female students are asked to wear festoons in their hair.

Harbor Street Muumuu Show - Beverage in hand, East Ashtabula's women walk the streets in their favorite bed clothes. The public is invited to celebrate the ageold summer tradition of ladies migrating across yards to sit and visit. Show features nightgowns, sundresses, robes, nightshirts, and pajamas. Winner receives the coveted Carmel Parmigian Golden Camicione. Show starts 10am Sunday August 28th. Seating: First come first curb.

Bus Garage Lamaze - A new second generation of Lamaze classes will be offered from Sep. 1st to Sep. 23rd in the north wing of the Mt. Carmel bus garage. Classes will include breathing exercises, but with an addition of fried pizza and sausage and peppers. For information see Pierre after mass.
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