The Mark Pucci Beer Cozy


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Main Moon Lucky Fortune Cookie


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Neighborhood Spy


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Keep your beer cold to the last drop with these fancy weighted beverage holders. Be ready in ten minute with this 5" x 5" solid platinum fortune cookie from Fong. In the kitchen or behind the drapes, the 20x zoom on these spynoculars won't let you miss a car go by.

The Sam and Cindy Salt and Pepper Set


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Jay Bell Phone Defense Kit


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The Slapper


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No dinner is complete without Salty Sam and Miss Peppy. Nametags included. Put everybody on standby with state-of-the-art technology. Features over 200 built-in excuses! Slap people from your lazychair with this radio-controlled slapping hand. Endorsed by Mark and Joe Orlando Sr.

Skippy's Special Toothpicks


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Gold Bullshit Shovel


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Stan Guerini Superscanner


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Unbreakable and saliva-proof in a genuine silver storage capsule. Features engraved autograph of the Skipper. Cut the horseshit in style with this full-size bullshit remover plated in 18K gold. Great for parties. Military grade but safe for your home. Lakeway certified with Canadian marine frequencies. Special voltage required.


Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We take great pride in our gift collection. All items are handled and packaged with care. Any glass, ceramic, or otherwise fragile items are insured for breakage. If an item arrives broken or damaged in any way, simply call the toll-free number provided on your packing slip and use the merchandise return code to ship the item back to Martinis for a replacement or refund. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all items.

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