19 September 2004
Age: 38
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190lbs
Occupation: Retail Manager
Shank Type: Left
Favorite Shot: Top of the Key
Claim to Fame: Fingertip Ball Spin
Player Rating
Martini: How far back can you go?
Mark: Oh pretty far, don't worry.
Martini: How bout when your mother used to take us all to school?
Mark: Hah heh heh! Yeah, you're not sick . . . what was it in that blue Buick?
Martini: Of course. First we had to drop yous off to St. John, then we'd end up at Mt. Carmel.
Mark: Yer gone.
Martini: Did you ever play any night games?
Mark: I think so . . . yes we did. We used to go til around 9 or 9:30 in the summertime . . . y'could hardly see.
Martini: Who would you see during those times?
Mark: Ah I dunno, me, my brother, Ray and Kevin, Augie . . . bunch a guys . . . Sam. Then we'd all kill each other to get to Aunt Anna's spigot!
Martini: Hahhehe, classic. Now what was it usually like three on three?
Mark: Yeah, somethin like that, guys would sit and play winners. Sometimes there'd be ten, twelve guys there.
Martini: Let's talk about the bench.
Mark: Oooohhh! That's IT baby!
Martini: You better believe it.
Mark: That's where it's at.
Martini: You guys ever take shots off it?
Mark: I thought Pucci was the only one who did that. Heh heh hahh! I think Joey took a few shots from the top a that Hut, though.
Martini: The old Hut?
Mark: Ayyy, any of em.
Martini: Tell me about some funny moments.
Mark: I got one for ya. The one game, Mark Pucci was playin. At that time he was just a little guy. I dunno whether he had a cold or what, but somebody passed em the ball, and he tries to make a fast pass, right? He jerks his head hard in one direction, the most disgusting ball of snot hits my brother about chest high! Heheee heee heh, I was dyin! Thing had to fly five feet!
Martini (dying laughing): Ohh . . ahh christ . . . holy shit that's funny. What'd Joey do?
Mark: Heh what's he gonna do? . . . That Pucci, boy . . . Where's that bird at these days?
Martini: Well, not exactly at the Court.
Mark: Heh heeh, well I know that.
Martini: He's actually trying to cut a deal with a construction company that may resurface the Court for free.
Mark: Ahhhh my god, are you WACKO or what?
Martini: Question: If Aunt Anna's spigot was occupied, would anyone run to Billy's?
Mark: Yeah, probably.
Martini: But the distance is greater.
Mark: You know, is it? . . . Yeah, I guess it is, yeah. Not by much though. Guys used to shoot from Ralph's garden.
Martini: Come on.
Mark: He probably didn't like that I don't think. Yeah, christ Joey loved that corner by Billy's shed. That was the thing, wasn't it? to see how close you could get to the shed and make a swish.
Martini: That's a tough shot. Now Joey liked that corner, enna?
Mark: I wanna say that was his shot.
Martini: I had the opportunity to shoot with Alex and Leo last summer. They didn't look bad.
Mark: Oh they're tough.
Martini: Whatta they make outta the Neighborhood? Have you taught em a little bit about where they came from, what things were like?
Mark: As much as I can, yeah. They go all around too. Alex says he likes comin over yer place.
Martini: Him, Sarah, and Leo have open invitations.
Mark: Thanks.
Martini: Have you gotten over the fence?
Mark: What? Whose? Cindy's? Ayyyyyyy, I thought Alex was the one who got over that fence . . . or under it, at least, right? Hee hee heh!
Martini: Are you bitter at all about it?
Mark: Nah . . . Mart, if that's what she wants to do . . . whatever trips her trigger, know what I mean?
Martini: You think she'll electrify it so Alex can't get under that panel?
Mark: She might.
Martini: 'djyou tell the kids to give em a little agitation over there or what?
Mark: Absolutely not. Why?
Martini: Oh, no . . . I just thought maybe you gave Alex the green light to like shit in her driveway or somethin.
Mark (bursts out laughing): You are sick, boy.
Martini: Mark Orlando: a true player and enthusiast with a history on the Court second to none.
Mark: I hope so.
Martini: My cousin, it has been a pleasure and an honor.
Mark: Thanks.
Mike Pucci