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Specialists Examine Church Document
Ter, Mart, and Dave look over a Santangelo family tree provided by the church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Vallelunga, Sicily.

Aunt Loretta Sports Funky Head Mesh
Aunt Laura put the finishing touches on her new "torpedo" cut this week with a modified mosquito net from Army Navy.

Lo Re
Savarese Remembers Great Grandmother's Maiden Name
In our continuing coverage of Harbor Avenue's pilgramage to the Old Country, this week Martinis explores the Santangelo family bloodline. After talking with a priest in Grampa St.Angelo's hometown
, Martinis reporters received a letter clarifying Santangelo lineage all the way back to Grampa's grandparents. The document not only revealed that Guy and Rosie were named after their grandparents, but also that Grampa himself was named for his grandfather, Salvatore. Prior to the arrival of the church records, family historian Dave Sav had placed a bet on what he believed was Grampa's mother's name. "I think it was something like Rose Lo Re (pronounced 'Low Ray')," said Dave, "Aunt Rosie told me that in her kitchen one time." As it turned out, it wasn't something like it, it was exactly like it. Grampa St.Angelo's father married a woman named Rosalia Lo Re whose last name literally means "The King." Savarese admits he's usually pretty good at recalling family history and says he attributes his good memory to many years of Connect Four playing.
Golden Norts
Ange, Loretta Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage
Ange and Loretta will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in October. Later this month, the couple will be chauffeured to Yevelsny's Russian Deli off of Mayfield Road for a feast of dried fish, pomegranates, and all the vodka they can drink. Russian chauffeur Bobobsky says anyone wishing to attend will have to consent to certain security procedures before arriving at the secluded delicatessen. G
uests will be obligated to sign a waiver, be blindfolded, and eat two jars of garlic-stuffed olives so they will not remember the location of the secret Russian grocery store.
10. Varckette - Varchetta
9. Savarise - Savarese
8. St.Angelo - Santangelo
7. Timonere - Timoniere, -ieri, -eri
6. Enricco - Enrico
5. Licate - Licata
4. Perry - Perez
3. Giannell - Giannelli
2. Payback - Zuppa
1. Lindarino - ?????

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