You'll wet your pants like Ange when you listen to the prank calls of the diabolical Jay Vegas. Unlike the corny attempts typical of morning radio or the staged calls of the Jerky Boys, these pranks are authentic. Prank Me and Prank Me Again are great for parties and a must for any serious comedy collection. Order your copies today!
1. Hey Dave!
2. Fumigation
3. Delbert Mangold
4. We'll Bury You in Concrete
5. Hang Up, Burt
6. Homer Jones
7. Dr. Aaron Lloy
8. Lost Dog
9. Toilet
10. Used Concrete
11. Senior Citizen's Dog
1. Take-Out Bell
2. Knock it Off!
3. Calm Down
4. Fight-a-Flame
5. Datsun
6. 7-11
7. Upsize It
8. Mohammed

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