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Who was Ron Orlando Sr.'s baptismal godfather?
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PATurday Night Fever
Pucci Hitchhiking at Party
Seen here at the hippest of Savarise bashes last weekend, PAT asks BigBill for a lift down the Bum Boat.

Don Dave
Sav Still Commands Respect
Lissy and Lisa thanked Dave this week for being one of the family's great protectors. When asked if it is better to be loved or feared, Dave replied, "I would rather be feared."

Bud, Bud, Screwdriver, Bud
PAT Treats Bridge Street
Drinks were free at the La-La Cafe Friday when PAT took the Neighborhood gang on the circle tour. Reports show the night on the town was in celebration of Mark's recent purchase of the Taco Bell restaurant on Route 20. People were yelling out drinks left and right as PAT slapped his Shoot-It card down on the bar. In the midst of all the confusion, the shooter counted out the drinks for his group: "Alright, whatta yous want now? . . . Bud, Bud, Screwdriver, Bud . . ." Both Puccis were in rare form, with PAT asking the pool pros if they wanted to "bet a thousand," and Mark grabbing the microphone to read an excerpt from his new poem, "The Drunken Punk." Topping off the evening was Mark throwing up 151 all over the bar owner's jeans, stumbling outside, then dry heaving into a blue two-door Cadillac parked in front of the Leeward. After getting booted from Bridge Street, the gang took it right over to Shenanigan's to sip shamrock shakes and watch Hollywood Nights with Terry.
1907-2002: 95 Years of Family
Feast Honors Sicilian Clan of East Ashtabula
The Harbor Avenue history books will have to be rewritten after an unprecedented event set to take place next summer. Currently in the works is a feast to celebrate the 1907 arrival in America of Grampa Salvatore Santangelo and brother, Calogero, on a boat called the Roma. Although nothing is confirmed as of yet, rumor has it family boss Dave Savarise, together with some made guys on the east coast, are devising a plan to throw the party in Lodi, New Jersey. The event, originally intended to celebrate 100 years of the St.Angelo family in America, will now be held 5 years ahead of schedule because Dave says that by 2007 he'll be living in Sicily and throw another bash over there.
10. New playground never materialized, model used to tease kids
9. Peddle $1000 worth of candy, get free CareBear sticker
8. Petrunger's bell substituted for normal working ringer system
7. Overflowing urinals
6. Tom's "crabwalk" maneuver helpful part of gym class
5. Washing boards/clapping erasers promoted as privilege
4. Mrs. Cobb
3. Every kid in the school lined up against the wall like prisoners to determine who "did that" to the restroom
2. Play means A
1. "Seventh grade, empty your trash!"

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Mystery Question Answer:  Lawrence Bongiovanni

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