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What did Sam St. Angelo show up wearing at Terry & Kathy's wedding?
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Genny White Can
Red and Joe Have a Brew
1972 - In Aunt Anna's kitchen, these two guys show off the Harbor Avenue beverage of choice, Genesewer.

Big Fish
Caloy and Ter Make Baccalà
1973 - "My son Carl says this pike's as big as his dong, Terry."

Secret Agent Mike Laurello
Father Sam Crosses Family CIA Op
1968 - This week it took some Martinis athletes to bring out the long overdue scoop on the rivalry between Father Samuel and 00 Agent Mike Laurelli. Contrary to popular belief, the feud actually began when the good father threw out some nudee magazines Special Agent Laurello was hiding in the cooler out the store. First discovered by Tony, the dirty mags circulated throughout the store and even made it all the way to the registers before being snatched up by Sam, who gave them to Ange to burn with the other ones in the backyard. Adding to the confusion was a certain nephew who swore Laurello was a Russian spy and that his picture was on the cover of the latest Sovietski catalog. Exactly what Laurello was doing with the magazines remains a mystery, but Nicky says someone is bound to see Mike hiding behind those big dark glasses he wears. Laurelli admits the square spectacles do look a bit suspicious, but says it's a small price to pay to see through women's clothing.
Bottle Rocket Blunder
Carl Shoots Whistler Up Ida's Dress
1969 - There's nothing worse on a summer day than sitting in your garage and being assaulted by a firecracker in your ass. But that's exactly what happened to Ida St. Angelo back in the day when her son, Carlo, let a rougue Moon Traveler fly right up her new housecoat from Carlisle's. The firework apparently did somewhat of a mid-air dance before actually fluttering up Ida's skirt and exploding on her butt. Little Caloy said there wasn't much he could do after he lit the fuse other than watch his mother jump up and down screaming and fanning her freshly scorched shift. When asked for comment, Ida said she was furious with Carl, but even more upset because she had to miss an outdoor bingo tournament at the Lake Shore Park Hotel.
15. The Cantina
14. Lake Shore Lanes
13. The Swallows
12. Mr. T's
11. Pirate's Alley
10. Sardi's
9. Plaza Lounge
8. Crow's Nest
7. Castaway's
6. Lake Shore Park
5. Manner's
4. Sunken Bar
3. St. Angelo's Lanes
2. The Cove
1. Blue Skies

Old Scoop
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Mystery Question Answer:  Old blue jeans, tattered white shirt, and sandals.

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