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Where was New Century Foods' original Main Avenue location?
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Cedar Point and Sawmill Creek: A Trip to Live on Forever
Never has there been a vacation like the time the Neighborhood went to Sandusky's fun park and stayed at Sawmill Creek resort. Even Jodi still remembers when she babysat Jay and Martini and told them scary stories while all the parents were at the outdoor party. "Alright you kids, who wants to go to McDonald's?"

Pony Ride
Chaz Keeps Neighborhood Fun
At the Hut, Uncle Charlie's little pony put a big smile on this gal's face.

Martinis Goes to the Viewers
This week marks a special time in Martinis history. For the first time ever, Martini has decided to turn to the viewers for the latest dirt on everybody. Now, people can send in their hottest inside scoops directly to the website for review. Martini is calling the new feature "Submit-a-Scoop" and says it probably won't be long before the page turns completely vulgar. "I wanna hear the nitty and the gritty," said Martini, "because it is our duty to grab only the most delicious scoops for the viewing public." Viewers are urged to send in anything that tickles their fancy, especially info about obnoxious wanna-be family members with no friends.
Junior Steps Down
Harbor Avenue Man Closes Business
Frank Di Giacomo announced the end of his long-standing Main Avenue grocery store Thursday. The 58-year-old meat cutter says he's sad to be leaving the uptown area, but is looking forward to opening a corner store on Harbor Avenue in East Ashtabula. Rumor has it stiff competition from the nearby Shopping Basket is forcing the grocer to close his doors. For the inside scoop, Martinis went directly to uptown analyst Art "The Fart" Campbell. "Now we'll REALLY see tumbleweeds blowin around Main Street," said Fart, "and NO SWEARIN!" City officials, when asked for comment, said the closing is actually a blessing in disguise for Ashtabula. Now, the city will be able to sign a contract bringing in 15 new drug stores, a bigger mega-super-duper-store out by the mall, and 5 more stoplights on Lake Avenue.
10. Michael Valentic by Joe Orlando Sr.
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7. Anthony St. Angelo by Everyone in the Family
6. Missy Pucci by Dave and Mary Jo Savarese
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1. Tasha by the Orlandos

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Want to find any story we've run since 1997? Get caught up with last week's headlines right here or search month by month in the Complete Scoop Archive. Even tell us what's really going on with Martinis Submit-a-Scoop.

Mystery Question Answer:  The Mill's Plumbing building

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