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Where was Alan & Jan's old house in the harbor located?
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Jelly Back in Action
Chrissy Donatelli had a shit kickin good time at Jewel's this weekend, but had to be carried home after downing 12 pitchers of Cactus Juice.

Happy Birthday!
Alice Turns 70
Big AL rang in her 70th birthday last week at a Doc Severenson concert at Landerhaven. Ange was reported as having "known the Doc for 30 years."

Bowl and Boogie
Dance Floor Transforms Lanes
For those of you who thought nothing good could ever come from Brad's passion for 70s disco, we got news. The polyester posterboy has finally brought his dream to work with him by hiring a disc jockey and clearing the floor in an attempt to create a St. Angelo Soul Train. The idea was tried out this past Friday and was an instant hit. The bar girlies danced the night away, but things really got rollin when the DJ paged Brad to the floor to get down to his favorite Bee Gees tune. "You can't beat this," said Brad, "even Sandra and the bartender were cuttin the rug." No doubt St. Angelo's is the place to be on Friday nights in December with the unveiling of Jay Vegas' new prank disc, Flying Jay-L.A.
Are you working?
Famous Harbor Avenue Question Becoming Stale
It's true that old sayings must die, and, in the case of Harbor Avenue, they die hard. At an emergency meeting outside May's Grocery Store, Swedetown council members ruled against a proposal that would extend the life of the dying question, "Are you working?" on Harbor Avenue. Council president says the motion to keep the question alive was rejected because of recent abuses by a known meddler. In one incident, Duggie was smoking a cigarette on the front porch when a car pulled up and crudely confronted him with the question. Harbor Avenue news chief Anna Guerini says scoop-hungry residents are not to worry. Council has approved a plan to find a replacement to the treasured question by April of next year. Latest suggestions include, "Are you lurking," "flirting," and "Are you snapping your carrot?"

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