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Shirl's Hair Hits New Heights
1975 - An Upper Harbor Avenue poll reveals Shirl has put on three inches in under ten years.

Prophet Put Down
1964 - A streaker was arrested today after he ran down the center of Harbor Avenue screaming that the St. Angelo family would be terribly humiliated in the late 1990s.

Emily Deserts Sam
Night Club Singer Gives Husband the Finger
Early 1970s - Former big band singer Emily Orlando has officially turned in her million-dollar pipes. It was a night of celebration as Sam and Em were enjoying a non-family wedding at the Grotto Hall, eating, drinking, being merry, and talking about what they should do at the bazaar next year. Things turned ugly, however, when Sam got into the vino and decided Amelia was going to sing. Not quite up to it, Emily tells Sam to "sit back down and shut up." But Sam keeps at it and even gets the band to agree to play one of Emily's favorites. As they begin to announce her name, Emily slips out the back door of the hall and takes off with the car keys, leaving Sam looking like a horse's ass. After the dust settled, Sam was actually forced to walk home. This just proves you just can't screw with the talent.
Supermarket Peep Show
Girls Watched in St. Angelo's Bathroom
Early 1960s - Aunt Anna dropped her containers of stuffed shells on the floor when some peepholes were discovered in the ladies room at St. Angelo's grocery store on State Road. Sources say the holes are the handiwork of none other than Albert Hackathorne and The Crow himself, Terry O. For almost three years, the two men brought all their buddies in to spy on sexy cashiers and customers dropping their drawers in the can. In one incident, Patty and Pam came flying out of the stalls yelling that they had heard some guys chuckling while they were going tinkle. "When Terry babysat us, we'd watch him make it with broads on the couch," said Tommy Saint, "he's hysterical." Saint said everyone loved the girlwatching and who cares if a couple guys had their shlongs hanging out.
Doctor Love
Richie O Gets Caught With His Scrubs Down
1975 - Once upon a time Rich and Tony had a little surprise at their apartment at Gannon. Tony was gone and Rick was cultivating his habit of obliging freshman nursing gals when they need a little "help" with their studies. Right in the middle of "teaching" this lovely blonde some anatomy, Rich had to throw on his shorts to answer a knock at the door. But instead of finding one of Tony's buddies, Rich comes face to face with his mother, Ave, and little Francesca. The girl, thinking class was over, darts for the door, sending Emily into full sermon mode. "Who was that little slut!?" demanded Em while Ave was laughing her ass off. Rich nipped things in the bud, though, and told Emily to call first next time, but that she should be proud because "Tony never gets any like that."

Old Scoop
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