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Heightened Security
Bobby Boozin It
Bobby radioed in to Martinis this week, only to find Tony O was bullshittin him.

Angela Saint?
Millennium Force Requires Hand on Knee
Cousin or no cousin, Angela will stop at nothing to get Anthony to Cedar Point this year.

A Neighborhood Divided
Clique Has Domino Effect on Harbor Avenue
They've been dropping like flies in Sweet Town and many residents want to know why. For some time now, the Neighborhood has been under the influence of an unruly faction, the Harbor Avenue Clique. Recently, the clique's toppling effect on residences has made it the subject of much debate. Private gatherings, landscape lights, and some materialistic partyline have given this group a textbook "us and them" mentality. "The Neighborhood couldn't get any farther away from its heyday," said Gary's brother Perry Notarianni, "everybody's being devoured by an elitist gang." On lower Harbor Avenue, older residents want to know why such a historical quarter of Ashtabula is plagued with this kind of ill will and dissent. "I remember how things used to be," explained Dirt, "nobody had anything and everybody was together." Stay tuned to Martinis next week for exclusive coverage of the clique's new headquarters.
Make a Plate
Wedding Take-Out Food Still Loretta's Favorite
As everyone prepares for the upcoming Savarise marriage celebration, Aunt Loretta is buying a new super duty cookie tray in the Carlisle's housewares section. Loretta's been at The Stowaway every week with her girlfriends and claims the new tray will really boost her capacity for wedding season. "La Malfa's exotic fruit table will be no match for her this year," said BigBill Savarise, "we're proud to say the biggest pieces of cake will be hers." Loretta says she can't wait to make her plate and hopes everyone will wear a festoon in their hair in her honor.
Herzog Rides Again
Bill, Doug, Fred to Play in Band Together
Uptown Ashtabula was the place to be this weekend as Bill Herzog's band kicked off its summer tour at Sardi's Lounge. The band, recently revived after almost 25 years, features Herzog on drums, as well as new doo-wop singers Doug and Fred. Sardi's crowd was treated to a wild evening of solid gold music Friday, including hit tunes by The Supremes and The Temptations. Rumor has it Bill plans to make the peace with Joey at the wedding this year by playing him "any Robert Plant song he'd like to hear."

Old Scoop
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Mystery Question Answer:  The New York Yankees

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