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New Scoop

Orlando Golf
Nicky Welcomes Family
Family samaritan Nick O hosted a mixer in his basement after the yearly Orlando Invitational golf tournament Saturday.

Pucci Elopes
Palm Beach Gigolo Settles Down
Unbeknownst to many, including Patty, Mike Pucci married Leah Berndt this past February.

Priceless Posters
Ron O's Grass Cutting Pays Off
Lake Road baseball card buff Ron O was clicking his heels this week as he realized a five figure profit from some famous old movie posters. For years Ron handled the lawncare for his neighbor, Durward Doody, once the director of Ashtabula's most popular uptown cinema. Some charm and a little yardwork was all it took for the former Shea's Theater manager to give Ron many of the moviehouse's most famous film posters, including hits like The Godfather and Casablanca. The posters, held over by Ron to up their value, have only recently been put up at a major auction where they brought in over $50,000 in profits. "I'm gonna take my two kids and their families to Aruba," said Ron. Ron O says the money could not have come at a better time because he's been taking a beating at the baseball card shows and lost many of his best Reiter Dairy shirts in a recent basement flood.
Neighborhood Hoop Restored
Classic Basketball Revived on Harbor Avenue
The first part of the Court Restoration Project was completed on Friday when some young Neighborhood supporters rallied around Terry O to help paint the long-standing basketball hoop. Neighborhood groundcrew officials Mark Pucci and Martini kicked things off Thursday afternoon by prepping the board and pole for painting with some sandpaper and elbow grease. "E.J. Savarise would be proud," said Terry, "because we painted the pole the same color that was used to paint the inside of Savarise Sports, postal blue." Stay tuned next week for Relaxed Dave's comments on the historic renovation of the Neighborhood landmark.
Brother Rick
Madison Mazda Sponsors Pool Party
Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Will Smith were the order of the night at Scott Spence's 80s houseparty at brother Rick's Saturday. The party, thrown to celebrate Scott's raise in pay out the car lot, started slow, but turned out pretty decent when Billy Sav came up with some fritt in the clutch. "That fritt revived the party alright," said Mark Pucci, "it sent Billy and Marty into an infectious fit of calling everyone smart." Besides the fact that Scott kept starting and stopping the music the whole night, the evening's biggest pain in the ass were Rick's motion-sensitive spotlights that everyone ended up activating by throwing beer cans across the sensor. In an interview with Kevin Severino, Billy and Martini commented only that Alison Guerini was "just SMART !!"

Old Scoop
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