In the summer of 1998, Angela Guerini had a mission. That mission was to ruin Jenna Bellomo's birthday party by picking a fight with a guest on the basis of color. With her belligerence and absurd decibel level, Angela tried to rally support from her cousins against a kid who had no intention of causing a problem. What she succeeded in doing, however, was pulling the plug on a perfectly hip little gathering. As a result of Angela's ridiculousness, Jenna's family intervened and everyone had to scram. Here, the worst of it isn't Angela's bad choice in picking a fight with someone who wasn't bothering anybody, or even her arrogant assumption that anyone other than her sister would actually back her up. The worst is that she did all this at someone else's house right in the middle of someone else's party. Miss Bellomo has vowed to throw any future party poopers to the sharks in Joe's pond by the shed.

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