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MAAAAX!!! The historic district of East Ashtabula is one of the city's most important places of interest. Famous for its Italian inhabitants -- but more for its bullshit -- the East Side is a place with a personality all its own. Not too long ago, the area's main streets of Harbor and Columbus Avenue had their own hip clubs, Italian markets, ball fields, and even schools. Most Ashtabulans would look at you sideways if you told them Harbor Avenue had a school. But most Ashtabulans aren't from East Ashtabula.

Italians in East Ashtabula are proud of the Old Country, but even more of their nicknames. From "Skootch" to "Whatta-ma-doo," in the old days everybody had a nickname. This motivated Alberta Cimorell to compile a list of the unique characters only found on the East Side.

There are a million things that make the East Side such a class act, and East Ashtabulans know it. So the next time some hillbillyooch looks at you funny in Fittings, get a cigar and look like your SOMEBODY! Tell em you're from Ashtabula's ONLY Little Italy!

When you come up Merry Street Hill, you'd better check your phramus, because in East Ashtabula there are absolutely no squares allowed . . . and East Ashtabula only takes Sicilian Express.

uncle charlie's 1940 ford
In Front of Midgy's Car
Row 1: E.J. Savarese, Joe Orlando, Midgy St. Angelo, Bill Savarese
Row 2: Carlo St. Angelo, Loretta St. Angelo, Norma Orlando, Norma Gentile, Rosa St. Angelo

neighborhood pony ride
Modern-Day East Ashtabula
Mark Pucci, Little David Savarese, Jenny Savarese, Stevie Severino, Angela Guerini

having a smoke
A Typical Day in East Ashtabula
Anna St. Angelo and Angelo Notarianni

mt carmel bulletin
Get the Mt. Carmel

columbus street gang
Ange's Gang
Bottom Row: Phil Paulchel, Libby Penna, Bob Detore, Lou Sposito
Row 2: Anthony Donato
Row 3: Junior Renzetti, Angelo Notarianni, Albert Notarianni
Top Row: Dave Meola

harbor avenue school
Harbor Avenue School
Standing at left: Tony Orlando

breaking the fava
Fava Beans
From left: Calogero St. Angelo, Charlie St. Angelo, Salvatore St. Angelo, Joe Brigandi
The term "East Ashtabula" refers to the area from the EAC north to the old Mt. Carmel Church. It encompasses both Columbus and Harbor Avenue

Often confused with East Ashtabula, Swedetown was the area north of the old Mt. Carmel Church to the East 6th Street Cafe. The area eventually became predominantly Italian

The residential zone behind the East 6th Street cafe was dubbed "Portagee Town"

East Ashtabulans maintain Ashtabula City's last remaining linguistic dialect and accent

The north side of Harbor Avenue was dubbed "Lower Harbor Avenue," and the south side, "Upper Harbor Avenue"

Upper Harbor Avenue businesses included St. Angelo's store on the corner and Grippi's Barber Shop

The Severino family owned an apartment building on Lower Harbor Avenue, under which was May's grocery store

In an East Side scuffle, Joe Grippi knocked out George Giannell in Ange's front yard

Harbor Avenue had several sports arenas including pro tennis courts, a real putting green, and a full-flown baseball park called "Star Field"

Popular games on Lower Harbor Avenue included "Snuff-top Baseball" and driveway basketball played with a coffee can