jill valentic
BIO: Parason's certified, performed flying trapeze in Neighborhood Olympics, scored 94% on the Up Close and Personal Exam with Ann Tanna
1. Marty Shula
2. "C"
»This award sympathizes with those too goofy to fit into the Neighborhood

justin zupp
BIO: St. John Brownnoser of the Year 1994, Larry Payback's sideman, Biggest Little Fish in Ashtabula in 2000, shit doesn't stink
1. Saricka
2. Chrissy Lenjelly
»This award denotes a return to the Neighborhood by an old favorite

marc varckette
BIO: Awarded Best Neighborhood Swimming Pool in 1985, demonstrates authentic and compelling enthusiasm for the Neighborhood and its history, farts on command
1. Carl St. Angelo
2. The Magic Mechanic
»This award is for excellence as a shvote in the Neighborhood

BIO: Master's degree in beer belching, expelled from Atlanta hotel lobby in 2001; enjoys sports, stag films, and popping "road sodas"
1. Mark Orlando
2. Larry Payback

BIO: Highly trained in mischief, received his M.D. in BS from the School of Martinis in 1999, known to inflict headache pain when answering questions
1. Mike Valentic
2. Conroy
»This unfortunate award is dedicated to those who refused to "pull their adequate weight" Down Under

rj valentic
BIO: Ready to go 1998-1999, was All-Parasons in 2001, skilled in giggling
1. Jerry Orlando
2. Vince Savarese
»This award recognizes excessive indulgence in alcoholic beverages

mark pucci
BIO: Barnes & Noble Drunkest Author 2001, noted for tumbling down staircases and falling out of chairs, recites entire feature films without warning
1. Terry Guerriero
2. Mike Pucci
»This award signifies overall achievement in exaggerated storytelling

dave savarese
BIO: Sons of Sicily member since 1979, Sprint Italian employee of the year 1994, key motivator and protector of the Neighborhood
1. Martini
2. Stevie
»This award is for class and atmosphere in a locale that is a Neighborhood draw

pirates alley

1. Jupiters
2. the Red Barn Restaurant
»This award recognizes those disciplined enough to get up ridiculously early in the morning for no reason

sonny and cher
BIO: Fully licensed party organizers for hire, BMW Motorists of the Year 2000, Neighborhood Award for Yardwork in 2001, special mention for landscape lights
1. Angelo Nort
2. Mark Pucci
»This award denotes a crass disregard for polite language and overall raunchiness in conversation

BIO: Locker Room VIP 1984, booted from Ashtabula Yacht Club in 1988, recognized for "cooking the books" in seven multinational companies, Professor Emeritus of Department Store Magic at Kent State University
1. Tony Orlando
2. Johnny Red
»This award covers a lifetime filled with accomplishment and excellence throughout the Neighborhood

BIO: Awarded Neighborhood volleyball trophy in 1982, Bum Boat captain 1990-1995, over Joey's from 1978 to present
1. Fr. Sam Orlando
2. Joe St. Angelo
3. Tasha
»This award signifies best overall achievement and excellence throughout the year 2001

BIO: Animal Protective League informant 1998, honorary critter in Guatemala, sometimes seen snacking on bark
1. Jay Vegas
2. Mike Pucci
»This award is presented for stylistic achievement and overall appearance in the Neighborhood

bill savarese
BIO: Hrrrrm-MMM Award for Phlegm in 1996, Most Cars in the Drive 1998-2000, turns cherry red with beer
1. Big John
2. Franny
1. Billy
2. Mic
3. Jay Vegas
4. Martini
5. Mark Pucci

Sixth Man:
Mike Pucci

Not Pictured: Louie Standy
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