The First Annual Ralph Parmigian Awards for
Neighborhood Excellence

The Jon Doviak Award for Rookie of the Year


The Gary Cusman Comeback of the Year Award -
This award denotes a return to the Neighborhood by an old favorite

Bryan Ankrom

Runners Up
1. Mark Pucci

The Muzzy Severino Horse's Ass Award -
This award is for excellence as a Shvote in the Neighborhood

Scott L. Spence

Runners Up
1. Angela
2. Alison

The Tom Sauce Up in Smoke Award

Mike Valentic

Runners Up
1. Anthony
2. Chet
3. The Champ

The Dave Close Underachiever of the Year Award -
This unfortunate award is dedicated to those who refused to "pull their adequate weight" Down Under


Runners Up
1. Gary

The Joe Toker Rollafritt Award -
This award is reserved for the person most ready to "roll"


Runners Up
1. Mike Pucci

The Dirt Dispenza Award for Bullshit -
This award signifies overall achievement in exaggerated storytelling

Terry Guerriero

Runners Up
1. Stevie
2. Duggie
3. The Crow

The Fox Davenoe Back in Demand Award

RJ Valentic

The David Savarise Lifetime Achievement Award -
This award covers a lifetime filled with accomplishment and excellence throughout the Neighborhood


Runners Up
1. Terry Guerriero
2. Stevie

The Madigool Cup MVP Award -
This award signifies best overall achievement and excellence throughout the year 2000

Mark Pucci

Runners Up
1. Martini
2. Jay Vegas
3. Anthony

The Manny Matchy Award for Best Dressed -
This award is presented for stylistic achievement and overall appearance in the Neighborhood

Jason Anthony Massucci

Runners Up
1. Dominic Anthony Massucci

The All-Parmigian Team

1. Jay
Mark Pucci
Mike Pucci
Sixth Man -
Mike Valentic

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